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EYRES is a Western Australian manufacturer and world leader in developing, constructing and distributing advanced eye protections for a number of industries including industrial, mining, sports, military, law enforcement and emergency services to name a few. EYRES design premium performance prescription and non-prescription eyewear for the earth’s most hostile and unforgiving environments.

EYRES Australia eye protector sunglasses feature cutting-edge technology and patented frame and lens innovations to ensure uncompromised eye protection. EYRES performance Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) models are certified with either international standards or the Australian five tick standards AS/NZS1337.1:2010 Eye and Face Protectors for Occupational Applications or AS/NZS1067:2003 Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles against low and medium impact.

The EYRES range has been crafted to offer superior safety protection for your eyes without sacrifi cing aesthetics. Through the use of the latest technology EYRES have combined key design features of ballistic, safety, sport and fashion eyewear to create truly unique optics.

In industry, different hardware is applied depending on the task. Similarly, eyewear must be tailored to suit the individual and their occupation. The key characterisitics of quality safety frame are optimum vision, ultimate protection, comfort and fit. EYRES has merged all these elements and adapted them to meet the need of the individual wearer.

We are constantly building on the product range and working towards producing eyewear for new applications. To an outsider it would seem as though the only constant is change at EYRES, however the primary objective has remained the same since the inception of the company and that is protecting our customer’s eyes.