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RTI is set to shape the future of weapons and defence systems worldwide through its Recoilless Technology. Incorporated as a private company in 2000 and converted to a public unlisted company in 2003, RTI (Recoilless Technologies International Corp. Limited) was founded to commercialise its revolutionary Recoilless Technology.

The Melbourne based company has succeeded in the development of a technology which effectively eliminates and controls recoil – the kickback force generated when a projectile is discharged – adaptable to a variety of both small and large calibre systems, thus significantly improving defence capability. In addition to its uses and obvious benefits to defence systems worldwide, the Recoilless Technology is virtually limitless when it comes to its application.

The technology is far superior to traditional and current recoil reduction technologies being researched, and due to its simple and mechanically based operation, can be incorporated into a wide number of impact tools across a variety of industries, including construction and mining.

RTI is now positioned to capitalise on these advancements as it begins to commercialise its technology on a global scale. 38 patent applications for the Recoilless Technology have been filed worldwide, covering more than 60 countries, with 22 already having been granted in countries such as Australia and the United States of America. For more information about RTI and how its Recoilless Technology works visit