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img_adi2Thales Australia is Australia’s leading defence, engineering and systems company, with annual revenue around A$1 billion and about 3500 employees. The company is composed of six business groups: Naval, Land Systems, Joint Systems, Defence Services and Aerospace, Civil, and Air Systems.

Thales Australia’s Land Ordnance Business Group designs, develops and manufactures ammunition, explosives, propellants, small arms weapons and chemicals. Thales Australia has a long-term agreement to supply the ammunition requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as well as manage the storage, distribution, maintenance and disposal of explosive ordnance.

Munitions manufacture covers about 40 product lines including insensitive munitions, rifle ammunition, grenades, aircraft bombs, Phalanx ammunition, missile warheads and demolition charges as well as small, medium and large calibre ammunition. Training and practice products such as blank ammunition, battle effects simulators and practice bombs are also produced. Increased production capabilities for medium calibre ammunition have been installed and a further increase in capacity for small arms ammunition is under way.

Engineering capabilities include the design and manufacture of the Steyr individual weapon, Minimi light support weapon, weapon components, handcuffs and missile/rocket components.

Protected Mobility
Thales Australia’s Land Protected Mobility Group designs, develops and manufactures specialist defence and commercial equipment including purpose specific military vehicles, gun systems, marine equipment and integrated logistic support. Thales Australia is the sole world source for the manufacture of the GE LM2500 marine module.

The Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV), High Mobility Engineering Vehicle (HMEV) and FireKing firefighting vehicle demonstrate Thales Australia’s innovation and specialist vehicle design expertise. Thales Australia also provides global configuration management and integrated logistic support for the full range of vehicles it designs and produces, and for products manufactured under licence for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Vehicle design capabilities include:

  • Development and testing
  • Advanced ballistic and land mine protection design, development and testing
  • Vehicle enhancements, upgrades, modification and modernisation
  • Design of variants from base vehicles
  • Configuration management
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)