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FGS Composites is committed to providing innovative solutions to its clients in Australasia. The company specialises in a broad spectrum of design and production of fibre reinforced composites, plastics and ferrous and non ferrous components to our client’s specification and requirements. FGS Composites prides itself on ensuring timely delivery and service is maintained. Whether your product requirements are for a large ocean going vessel, a chemical storage tank or a small ‘one-off’ component, FGS Composites will help you achieve the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. FGS Composites ensure that the job is done to your specifications.

The services FGS Composites provide:
FGS Composites is actively involved in the restoration, maintenance and manufacture of fibre reinforced composites and other products in the industrial architectural, aviation, marine, transportation and railroad industries. The continual wear and tear on mass transit vehicles, refrigerated lockers and marine equipment account for a portion of both production and onsite services provided to their clients.

FGS Composites has established itself to be a leader in providing high class prototyping, simulator components and products utilizing the latest innovative techniques to deliver turnkey solutions to their client with a major focus on balancing cost and quality.

FGS Composites R&D division is continually researching and evaluating to pioneer advanced materials and process systems endeavouring to provide its clients with the latest proven technology and processes. We regard the investment in the latest equipment as an essential to achieving the highest quality products and services.
FGS Composites fabrication centre can provide its clients with a diversified range of fabrication services including plastics thermal forming and welding. Fabrication and machining of Ferrous and non ferrous metals.  Small and large assemblies, including intergraded electrical systems.

FGS Design team is a highly skilled, motivated and focused team, collating years of experience to deliver the appropriate solution to our clients.