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img_saabSaab Systems is an internationally recognised, high technology company specialising in advanced software engineering and complex systems integration projects for the defence and professional markets. Saab Systems has extensive experience in the development, production and In Service Support of operational C4I systems. Saab Systems is among Australia’s top ten defence systems firms and is at the forefront of knowledge-based system development, with products such as the Tactical Command and Control System and the Battlefield Command Support System developed for the Australian Army and the 9LV Combat Management System used aboard the ANZAC frigates.

The ability to obtain, share and process information in a timely and reliable manner is critical to the operations of modern warfare and will be increasingly so in the future. Saab is among the leading developers of Network Centric Warfare technologies worldwide and has developed architectures that enable the movement of information in a consistent and scalable way, thus ensuring interoperability between nodes in a system or system of systems.

The Battlefield Command Support System (BCSS) is a fully field deployable C2 system that provides near real time situational awareness, decision support and messaging across a wide range of communications bearers. It is engineered to accommodate the restrictive bandwidth of today’s combat net radio systems, yet able to take full advantage of higher bandwidth bearers such as satellite or Wide Area Network. BCSS provides near real-time situational awareness map overlays, combined with operational status updates that feed the mission and logistics planning cycle.

The Tactical Command and Control System (TaCCS) is a fast reacting weapon cueing system for scalable ground based air defence. TaCCS is a light weight but highly effective C2 system with the ability to correlate data from multiple sources, perform automatic threat evaluation and weapon assignment and provide accurate weapon cueing in a range of scenarios.

Saab Systems’ knowledge of digitized battlefield and naval systems, combined with its recognised skill and experience in systems design and integration, enables it to offer cost effective solutions for the modern defence forces.