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 C4i is a market leader in the tactical and secure defence communications markets and offers integrated communications solutions for land, air and sea applications. The company has over 20 years of experience and an extensive track record of successfully delivering to these demanding markets on a world-wide basis.

C4i provides communications systems in three primary form factors. These are;

  • Mobile-Dismount, a compact, IP based System for in-vehicle or dismount applications;
  • Command-Post for larger single-site applications; and
  • Command-Centre for the largest, distributed, multisite applications

c4i_image01All of the C4i SwitchplusIP™ communication systems are built from the same advanced modular small footprint building blocks, repackaged and qualified to suit the required environments. This allows systems to be scaled from backpack or vehicle portable up to the largest national C4 systems merely through the addition of the same common modules.

All C4i building blocks use open standards such as SIP and RTP which can be streamed to any compatible device via a Local Area Network (LAN). The units also support dual redundancy of key modules and LAN interfaces ensuring that mission critical audio always gets through to its destination.

C4i’s solutions help to maintain high situational awareness in a variety of deployment scenarios. From air defence communications, to transportable and fixed military command and control systems, to naval shipboard and shore-based voice and data systems.C4i has built leading edge solutions for the C4i market for decades.


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