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img_lunar1Lunar Lighting commenced operations in Sydney 10 years ago with the objective of developing and manufacturing optimal performing, glare free, portable lighting products using technology which is radically different in principle and superior to conventional portable lighting. One globe is used instead of banks of globes. The glare free lighting can be directed 180° or 360°.

Lunar first developed the 4kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Tower® which has gained acceptance in many market segments including civil works, construction, mining and industrial shut downs. The 12kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Tower® (LLT) was developed last year and has been used by the Australian Department of Defence in a range of activities. Its 1.5 million lumen output creates an area of light coverage which can replace up to six conventional lighting towers resulting in time savings for set up and transport, as well as minimal fuel consumption (2L/Hr on full load). The glare free Lunar Lighting Tower® can be transported on a C130.

The glare free and uniform nature of the Lunar Lighting Tower® and daylight reproduction (6000°K) allow it to be used on airfields without disruption or interference to air traffic, and on construction projects where glare can be an issue to military personnel and operations. The LLT takes only minutes to set up resulting in rapid deployment for any situation. The hydraulic mast can be raised up to 10m which provides control over light area coverage. Ancillary power of 3kVA enables additional equipment to be run off power outlets which are available on request.