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Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and installing cable and HF antenna systems, providing RF Systems solutions for HF and defence. 

From short, medium and long-distance HF and broadband coverage to ionospheric propagation and shore-ship/ship-shore/ground-air communications, the RFS product range includes tactical manpack, transportable and stationary antennas for all omnidirectional and directional applications and field conditions.

HF Over-The-Horizon Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR)
rfs_image01HFSWR delivers a cost-effective solution for the complex task of wide area maritime surveillance, utilising the HF surface wave propagation effect.

HFSWR system provides enhanced availability of accurate information with rapid updates, reducing the need for expensive air and sea patrols.

Designed for both civil and military applications, it provides unique low level target detection and tracking capability at extended ranges that are unavailable to conventional microwave systems. 

HF Strategic Communications Systems (HFSCS)
rfs_image02Survivable, reliable, long-range and secure strategic HF Communications providing cutting-edge and cost-effective information exchange capability at the highest reasonable capacity available in latest HF technology.

It allows exchange of information such as voice, email, facsimile, data/image and organisational messages between fixed and mobile stations via high frequency communications.

HFSCS supports civil, national and international long distance HF services and helps improving the characteristics usability of HF communications with better quality of service, faster speed of service, improved Frequency Management and improved Area of Coverage and Range.

Ionospheric Sounding Systems
rfs_image03The ionosphere is constantly monitored by a network of Vertical Incidence Sounders (VIS) and Oblique Incidence Sounders (OIS) to provide a real-time map of the ionosphere. High Frequency radio transmissions bounced off the ionosphere to a receiver with sounding techniques that measure the state of the ionosphere compared to vertical incidence soundings. “Vertical Incidence Sounders (VIS) & Oblique Incidence Sounders (OIS) provide a real-time map of the ionosphere and optimise HF radar performance and HF communications systems.”