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img_bisalloyBisalloy Steels, producer of Bisplate®, is Australia’s sole manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel armour plate. Since beginning operation in 1980, Bisalloy Steels has earned an outstanding international reputation for the quality of its products and technical backup.

Bisplate® has become the generic name for quenched and tempered steels in Australia and many countries in Asia. Bisalloy is proudly Australian and manufactures its armour plate at its modern manufacturing facility at Unanderra, south of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Perhaps the greatest test for man and machine is in times of defence. It is a time when absolute reliability is paramount. It seems appropriate then, that Bisalloy Steels was selected to help strengthen Australia’s defence program; without a doubt the ultimate vote of confidence in the strength and reliability of Bisplate®.

Bisalloy’s range of armour plate grades are quenched and tempered plates, specifically designed for use in military applications, where light weight and superior ballistic performance is required. Bisalloy’s range of armour grades are hot rolled and subsequently heat treated to promote high strength and toughness, together with maximum ballistic resistance.

Typical applications are for hulls in Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) and Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV). Bisalloy Steels is currently supplying all the steel armour plate for the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle as well as a number of other APC’s and LAV’s being manufactured in Australia and around the world. Current sales range from Asia, through to Middle East, Europe and North America. In addition to traditional sales to manufacturers of armoured vehicles, Bisalloy is selling increasing quantities of armour plates to police, military forces, government and civilian applications worldwide. Applications include security vehicles, training facilities, security booths, and embassy ‘safe rooms’.