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MPower have been providing quality design, manufacture, installation and service of electrical power generation equipment for military, industrial and commercial applications for over 25 years. MPower has won successive Department of Defence contracts in Australia for their robust military specification products.

Durable: Designed for extreme environmental conditions such as high dust and moisture, extremes in temperature, salt laden atmospheres and vibration.

Exceptional Power Quality: Low harmonics for use with sensitive electronic equipment and automatic voltage regulation (AVR).

Reliable: A unique microprocessor based system with engine monitoring and protection systems. A modular design allows for rapid fault diagnosis and repair in the field.


Mobile Floodlight Trailer
mpower_image01All Terrain: For use in tropical climates and high altitudes. Tested to MC2 to allow deployment over cross-country terrain including sand, mud and water crossings.

Bright: Capable of illuminating an area 100m x 150m with an average light intensity of at least 6.5lux.

Versatile: Auxiliary DC and AC input and output facilities.