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Asia Pacific Aerospace Pty Ltd (APA) is a privately owned Australian company with extensive interests in aviation throughout the Asia Pacific region. Based in Brisbane and adjacent to the International Airport, APA specialises in the overhaul and repair of selected gas turbine aerospace engines, including the General Electric T700 (for the Australian Defence Force) and the Rolls-Royce 250 engines.

With two fully functional computer controlled Test Cells, APA have dedicated production lines for the General Electric T700 Series Engines and Rolls-Royce 250 Series.  Asia Pacific Aerospace is a Rolls-Royce Authorised Maintenance Center (AMC) for the Model 250 Series engines.

Internationally recognised quality management systems and wide range of capabilities certifies that customers are always in best possible hands. Utilising the Pentagon 2000 industry specific software covers all aspects of production control and reporting of all assemblies. Providing technical and logistical support for commercial helicopters operating the RR250 engine, APA are also contracted to the Australian Defence Force to supply deeper maintenance and system support for the GE T700 engines and ?associated components.

As the provider of support to the Australian Defence Force, Asia Pacific Aerospace is called upon to provide logistical support for their respective helicopter fleets. The pivotal point in a “Supply Chain Network”, APA provide a turnkey solution to co-ordinate the repair and overhaul of all engines and LRU’s.

An uncompromising commitment to safety, diligent staff selection, superior training, on-going field supervision and outstanding client service are fundamentals APA pride themselves on. The company’s trademark maintenance, presentation and serviceability of their product assures customers of the fastest turnarounds, cost effectively.