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RPC Technologies Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading supplier of Advanced Composite Structures to the Defence Industry. Utilising our comprehensive inhouse engineering capability and over 35 years experience in fibre composites, RPC produces complex laminate structures using many advanced techniques, sophisticated fibre reinforcements and resins. Projects include, manufacture of ground and aircraft radomes, the ASC Collins Class Submarine Sonar Acoustic Windows, ANZAC Frigate Sonar Acoustic Domes and Yard Mast Arms, Coastal Minehunter Fuel and Water Storage Tanks and ongoing evaluation and repair.

RPC provides engineered solutions for your advanced composite requirements at sea, on the ground and in the air.

Ballistic Protection
rpc_image03RPC is the sole manufacturer and supplier of all Ballistic Spall Curtains for the M113AS3 and AS4 and the Thales Bushmaster vehicles for the Australian Defence Force. Expansion into higher levels of protection and other materials is currently underway.

Specialty Metal Fabrication and Refurbishment
RPC designs, manufactures and maintains all of its computerized tooling requirements for all its four composite plants. Drawing on this level of expertise, this group has carried out Midlife Refurbishment and LOTE Programs of Defence equipment. Projects undertaken include, Floating Support Bridges (FSB), Medium Girder Bridges (MGB), the Launch and Recovery Vehicle (LRV); Fabrication of the Land Rover 6 Wheel Chassis, Various Components of the PC9 & C130 aircraft.

RPC has provided Defence with Engineered Solutions for a variety of their equipment and continues to maintain Through Life Support in many areas. RPC Technologies provides quality fabrication, machining and refurbishment services for Defence application.

RPC Technologies is an international Group of Significance, offering our Defence Clients complete Engineered Solutions using our own inhouse engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our complete service guarantees quality, security and customer satisfaction.