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Hellweg International is widely known as one of the world’s key quality manufacturers of high technology personal protection and weapon carriage systems. Our research and development capability coupled with a unique approach to customer centricity has been the cornerstone of our success.

If you are seeking a partner who can develop and manufacture a quality product but also fully support that product (a “cradle to the grave” management solution), then it is definitely in your interests to talk to Hellweg.

hellweg_image01Overt and covert body armour:
With more than 28 years of research and development experience, Hellweg has the formula for producing body armour which delivers comfort, operational functionality and durability without compromising on the required coverage or level of protection.

The entire range of body armour is independently tested, by a certified NATA testing authority to comply with NIJ standards for both anti ballistic and anti stab protection.

Weapon carriage systems:
Hellweg has an enormous range of belts, holsters, rigs, pouches and other ancillary carriage equipment. We utilise the highest quality leather, laminate and nylon and much of our range comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Weapon holsters:
We do not manufacture ‘one size fits all’ weapon holsters, in fact we make holsters specific to a handgun model. Each weapon has a unique footprint and you can be sure that a Hellweg holster has been developed to firmly encase that footprint whilst offering a slick and smooth draw.

Military belts:
Search the market and you will not find a manufacturer that produces belts to the quality standards of Hellweg. Our range includes dress belts, gun belts, general duty belts, lightweight carriage belts, belt inners, belt outers and the list goes on. Our laminate series of belts are designed to withstand a holding temperature of -60°C, another Hellweg specific formula.

Military pouches:
Whilst some of our pouches are universal, most are designed for a specific purpose. The range includes pouches for handcuffs, batons, torches, pepper spray, radios, speed loaders, magazines and other ammunition such as grenades.

Design, development and support services:
We live in a time where customised solutions are becoming more prevalent every day. Our product development experience and in-house engineering capability places us well to take a customers concept and bring it to life.

Hellweg has developed a unique service know as the Hellweg service plan (HSP). HSP delivers a full management service which ensures your body armour fleet is maintained correctly, as a result, the warranted life of the fleet can be increased from 5 years to 20 years. The very achievable potential savings can be enormous. You can also use our service plan to dispose of your body armour correctly so there is no impact on the environment.