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Ocean Software is a privately owned Australian company that has been supplying high quality software solutions to Defence and Government agencies since 1993. Its main areas of expertise are:

• Military and civil flying management using FlightPro™
• Maritime surveillance management using CoastPro™
• Logistic and pharmaceutical management using PILS™


Flying Management

FlightPro™ is a comprehensive training and operational management system for military and civil flying. Its time based resource allocation tools and database reporting provide an outstanding level of scheduling awareness. It gives managers confidence in the integrity, safety and effectiveness of the operational planning being conducted under their authority.
                                        It is used by:

Air Forces
                 RAAF Australia, CAF Canada, FAF Finland and RAF UK

Civil Flying Schools  Oxford Aviation (UK, USA and Australia)

                                 Lufthansa (Germany, USA)

                                 Massey University (New Zealand)

                                 Singapore Technologies Aerospace (Australia)

Ocean_Image_CoastProLogo       Coastal Surveillance
CoastPro™ was developed in 2003 for Australian Customs and is a proven, secure, intranet based command support solution for Maritime Surveillance organisations. CoastPro™ provides management tools that support the full spectrum of operations from initial mission planning through capturing and managing information supporting prosecution.

PILS-Rx is the enterprise-wide system that manages pharmaceutical and medical supplies for the Australian Defence Force.  It records issues to individuals and units from a catalogue of 20,000 items. Its comprehensive governance and reporting tools enable Defence pharmacy procedures and holdings to be monitored and managed efficiently within a single system. Consideration is being given to extending the system to manage clothing and controlled stores.

In addition to the above, Ocean provides software engineering services to a range of customers, both government and private sector, including Alcatel, and Telstra. Ocean has developed a strong reputation for delivering these services on time and within budget.