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Cowan was established in 1973 & is recognised worldwide as a Recompression Chamber specialist with a predominant focus on Defence activities. Cowan’s role extends to the ongoing Logistic Support of recompression chamber and hyperbaric systems for Navy’s and Hyperbaric Facilities throughout the world. This includes cleaning for oxygen and breathing gas services to Australian and US Navy standards.

Advanced workshop, hydro testing, laboratory and clean room facilities supported by Lloyds accredited ISO9001 quality assurance & a highly skilled workforce reinforce Cowan’s position as a Defence and Aviation industry leader.

The Cowan 3193 series Aviation Oxygen and Nitrogen supply carts were developed in consultation with industry leaders such as Qantas to produce a superior product which is tailored to the needs of the Commercial and Defence Aviation industry needs, incorporating a number of world class innovations that enhance operator safety as well as ease of operation and maintenance.