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img_thales8Thales Australia is Australia’s leading defence, engineering and systems company, with annual revenue around A$1 billion and 3500 employees. The company is composed of six business groups: Naval, Land Systems, Joint Systems, Defence Services and Aerospace, Civil, and Air Systems.

Defence Services and Aerospace
With sites located all over Australia, Defence Services and Aerospace employs more than 600 people and is responsible for Defence Services, Aerospace & Simulation for Thales Australia.

Defence Services
Thales Australia is a leading supplier of munitions. With over 100 years of experience in munitions, Thales Australia has achieved an international reputation for quality and safety. Thales Australia’s 20 year strategic agreement for munitions supply (SAMS) provides strategic capability to supply safe, reliable and high quality munitions for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Thales Australia munitions capability offers a complete supply chain integrating the design, manufacture, importation, storage, distribution, refurbishment, testing and disposal for a range of military munitions. As a result of its expertise in munitions, Thales Australia has been awarded a 10 year contract, to 2011, to warehouse, maintain and distribute the ADF’s explosive ordnance.

Thales Australia’s aerospace business is a leading supplier of comprehensive aerospace solutions for both the defence and commercial markets. As a strategic partner of Australian Aerospace, our products and services support the delivery of Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters (ARH) to the Australian Army and provide components for the Tiger helicopter supplied to the French and German Defence Forces. The Australian Aerospace partnership will continue beyond 2012 as Thales Australia supports the supply of Multi-Role Helicopters (MHR-90) to the Australian Army.

img_thales9Thales Australia is Australia’s leading supplier of Training and Simulation solutions. Thales Australia has delivered and is under contract now for more Flight Simulators for future delivery to Australian military and commercial customers than any other organisation. Thales Australia has accredited multiple simulators to the demanding requirements of CASA Level D in recent years and is the only organisation currently developing Level D simulators for the Australian Defence Forces. Thales Australia is the only organisation in Australia currently providing a total turn-key simulator operation.