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img_camtechCAMTECH is the counter surveillance, visual camouflage expert and its products are developed to meet the exacting requirements of military application.

CAMTECH Consultancy and Training offers consultancy in signature management for special projects or large objects and training courses in counter surveillance. We can also assist with visual camouflage for film and exhibition applications.

Spectro Dynamic Systems is CAMTECH ’s unique ‘stealth’ additives.

They are highly adaptable multi-spectral absorbers and reflectors that lend themselves to a wide range of surveillance defeating applications, including the world ’s only visual/ near IR/thermal skin camouflage, radar absorbing, concrete surfacing and infra red reflective dyes and paints. Spectro Dynamic Systems’ silver coated cenospheres are also an excellent electromagnetic shielding material, and can be formulated to produce conductive composites, gels, glues and castings.


CAMOGLAZE Appliqué Camouflage for Transparent Surfaces (ACTS) is CAMTECH ’s one way vision system, that presents a camouflage surface to observers outside the vehicle without obscuring crew vision. Similar to window tinting, CAMOGLAZE is extremely effective in cutting glint from vehicle windows and turret visiblocks and comes in a removable version
for windscreens.

Camtech ’s Military Sunscreen is a camouflage face paint with UV sunscreen protection. Its unique waterproof base collapses on contact with soap,detergent or alcohol, making it easy to remove.