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Redflex’s core product is the Switchplus® non-blocking, fault tolerant, hot swappable and highly reliable and available digital voice and data switch which we utilise in our centralised and geographically distributed communications systems. The latest product, Switchplus® GEN III, utilises packet based switching technology and VoIP communications and like its predecessor is fully scaleable and vendor infrastructure and communications equipment independent. The systems are typically operated by a touch screen based Human Machine Interface running Redflex’s customisable and language selectable Graphical User Interface. Switchplus® is used in military applications such as:

• Mobile/fixed secure/nonsecure A-G-A and G-G communications img_redflex • Inter-site radar data routing
• Remote radio control and monitoring
• Secure conferencing
• Naval shipboard communications
• Emergency service communications, alarm monitoring and response coordination
• Communication system simulation

Redflex is also able to offer tailored after sales services ranging from long distance telephone support to full in-country technical and maintenance support.