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EMS Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions over satellite and terrestrial networks. EMS keeps people and systems connected, wherever they are on land, at sea, in the air or in space. Serving the aeronautical, asset and personnel  tracking, defense, and mobile computing industries, EMS products and services enable universal mobility, visibility and intelligence. (NASDAQ: ELMG) For more information, visit

  • EMS Global Tracking designs and develops core satellite terminals and complete solutions that track, monitor and protect military and civil organisations in remote and hostile locations.  A leader in telemetric and force tracking solutions, the division also pioneered Search and Rescue technology and offers personnel recovery systems;
  • EMS Aviation designs and manufactures in-flight voice and data networking systems that enable end-users in aircraft to communicate over satellite and air-to-ground links. The division provides aeronautical transceivers, antennae and networking devices, ruggedized data storage, record and replay, and tracking systems;
  • EMS Defense & Space is a leading supplier of antenna systems and beam management for a broad range of military applications, including mobile network-centric operations and radar for battlefield visibility.  Space and defense prime contractors as well as commercial communications systems integrators rely on the division’s low-profile, high-performance RF systems, which are deployed on airborne, naval, terrestrial and space platforms, and;
  • LXE, an EMS Technologies company, is a leading manufacturer of rugged vehicle-mounted, handheld and wearable mobile computers serving some of the world’s largest distribution, materials-handling installations and container ports.  With the introduction of new WWAN mobile terminals in 2009, LXE began to sell outside its core warehousing, manufacturing and intermodal markets to include field service, transportation, natural resources, utilities and route accounting.  LXE’s automatic identification and data capture products serve mobile information users in more than 9,000 sites worldwide.

EMS GLOBAL TRACKING AUSTRALIA, the Asia Pacific office of EMS GLOBAL TRACKING, is an internationally recognised centre for development of new technologies for mobile satellite communication systems, notably playing a key role in the development of Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite radio protocols. The company has a strong intellectual property portfolio in the area of waveform design and receiver algorithms, holding international patents on key aspects.

In addition to leveraging these skills and intellectual property in its role as a product development center for Global Tracking, the office is the focus for business development and sales of Global Tracking products throughout Asia Pacific South.





EMS Global Tracking Product Line

  • SAT-202 Single Unit Satellite Terminal
  • Osprey Personal Tracker™ - Complete Terminal and application solution
  • TAM-212 Satellite Terminal with integral battery
  • SAT-202-LRIT - Complete Maritime Solution to fulfil SOLAS Regulations
  • Ocean Alert MKIII - Complete Maritime solution to fulfil SOLAS Regulations
  • LEOLUT Antenna - Phased Array Antenna for Search and Rescue
  • GEOLUT Antenna - Fixed Parabolic Antenna for COSPAS-SARSAT
  • GEOLUT and LEOLUT Terminals - High performance Satellite Earth Stations
  • Operation Control Console - Automated Beacon Data Distribution for MCC’s
  • SARMaster - Search and Rescue Application
  • PDT-300i Packet Data Terminal (Blue Force Tracking)

EMS Aviation eNfusion® Product Line

  • AMT-50 High-gain Antenna (HGA)
  • AMT-700 HGA
  • AMT-3500 Intermediate-gain Antenna
  • AMT-3800 HGA
  • HMIA Hatch Mounted Inmarsat HGA
  • HELICOM Rotor Wing HGA Antenna Kit
  • HSD-400 High-speed Data Terminal (Swift 64 channels x4)
  • HSD-440 (SwiftBroadband (SBB) channels x2 or 2 channels of Swift 64)
  • HSD-Xi (channel extension. SBB)
  • VIPER (Roll-on, roll-off palletized system)
  • CNX-100 Airborne Router (Ethernet, router, Wi-Fi)
  • CNX-200 Network Accelerator (Data Acceleration)

EMS Aviation Iridium products

  • FLEET 11P Telephone Controller
  • FLEET MMU Cockpit Mission Manager
  • FLEET MMU-II Cockpit Mission Manager
  • FortŽ Iridium Voice System
  • Marine Telephone System
  • Iridium Transceivers and Antennae


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