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KevinAndrew_lrThe first priority of Government
is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and as the newly appointed Defence Minister, I am acutely aware of this responsibility.

Today there are contemporary threats to humanity. Think of the threat of the Da’esh death cult that has real and far reaching implications for Australia.

Currently there are 2240 Australian Defence Force personnel in 14 operations overseas and within Australia. They are protecting Australia and its national interests.

The relationship between Australia’s Defence Force and Australia’s defence industry – especially at this time – is critical.

Delivering the required capability for the future will require a strong partnership between government and industry, which provides essential support for innovation, capability acquisition and sustainment.

When it comes to submarines, the Australian Government is determined to get the best value for money and the best capability available; and you would expect the Australian Government to give Australian suppliers a fair go. I was pleased to confirm recently that a competitive evaluation process is part of that approach. Any Australian company that can credibly meet these criteria will be considered on merit, as will potential international partners.

At the end of last year – building towards the release of the Defence White Paper – the Government has announced a plan that will allow for a sustainable naval shipbuilding industry that supports shipbuilding jobs. The plan recognises the significant value to our nation of a skilled naval shipbuilding workforce.

The Government is developing a White Paper that will increase defence spending to 2% of GDP.

It is encouraging that the Australian defence industry has responded positively to the Australian government’s request to identify ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Australian defence companies are at the global leading - edge in the fields of maritime, electronic warfare, land forces mobility protection, cyber security, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter program, defence personnel medical care, treatment and health, precision engineering and metallurgical and materials innovations and many others.

Innovation is a continuing process for Australian defence companies. Australian defence companies rise to finding solutions for the new challenges faced by the Australian Defence Force. Australia’s defence capability is a testament to the partnership between the Australian Defence Force and Australia’s defence industry that delivers world standard systems and technologies.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide this foreword for the 2015 Defence Industry Australia (DIA) catalogue and look forward to working with you to bring about a safe and secure Australia. 


The Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Defence

Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600